Rope – Jet – Wallpaper
Rope – Jet – Wallpaper
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Rope – Jet – Wallpaper

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PEEL & STICK Wallpaper.

Our standard range of PEEL & STICK Wallpaper is 620mm (width) x 2500mm (height).

To work out how many wallpaper rolls you require, divided the width of your wall in mm by 620mm (the width of the wallpaper) and then round up to the nearest whole number.  See a worked example below.

Should you require longer rolls please contact us us and we will happily provide you with a custom quote.

Peel and Stick Wallpapers are most popular for home installers.

This wallpaper is a self adhesive DIY product. No glues required! It removes clean and is waterproof and washable.

This wallpaper solves the hassles of traditional wallpaper installations with an easy to apply, matte white self adhesive film. It is great for application on smooth, interior walls. Ideal for the non-professional, DIY installer with no experience or tools required. Better yet, when you are done with that graphic it can be removed with minimal fuss and cleaning. Up to 3 year durability on indoor interior walls. Great for partial and full wall graphics.

*Please note that images are for illustration purposes only and although all care is taken, with some prints the scale may differ slightly to shown.



Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Width:     620mm

Height:    2500mm

The pattern repeats at 620mm.  The wallpaper rolls are printed wider to allow for overlap.  The overlap is 50mm which which makes the wallpaper easier to hang.


How much do I need (worked example)

If your room wall width was 2400mm (ie 2.4 metres), this would be the calculation:

2400mm (wall width) ÷ 620 mm  (wallpaper roll width) = 3.87 rolls required.

In this worked example, you would order 4 rolls of wallpaper in total.